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Red Hot Carbonite Offer Codes November 2014 – Save 17%

Carbonite offer code 2014

In need of a backup solution for your home or business computer(s)? Carbonite is an online backup solution that is automatic, inexpensive and easy to use. Carbonite is a leading cloud-based service that offers a data storage solution for individuals or any small business. Backing up files and data to a cloud-based service has some important advantages over backing up locally. First, it stores your files off site so if there is a calamity, your data will be safe and secure in the Cloud. Also files stored in the Cloud are accessible from any computer that can access the Web enabling you to retrieve and restore your files from virtually anywhere in the world. Carbonite is a great convenience when you really need it. Here are step-by-step instructions for utilizing Carbonite offer codes on Carbonite’s web site.


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Carbonite for Small and Medium Business

Carbonite offers small and medium businesses an easy-to-use, affordable solution to safeguard valuable business data and files by automatically and securely backing them up. Using Carbonite saves time and money, provides extra protection for a business’ files, and, most importantly, allows you to retrieve your files quickly and easily.
The great thing about Carbonite is that start-up is also quick and easy. You can start backing up all of your company’s computers, external hard drives and NAS devices in just minutes. The Carbonite solution will back up your entire business automatically, so you don’t have to think about doing it. You have the ability to keep track of all of your company’s backup status through one, easy-to-use browser-based dashboard.

Steps to Establish a Carbonite Account

The first step is to establish an account on Carbonite’s web site. Enter your email address as well as a password that’s at least 8 characters long.
– Complete the additional profile details including your name, contact information and three security questions for retrieving your login credentials.
– Once you have established your account, ensure you login with your login credentials every time you visit the site.
– If you forget your password, you can request an email containing a link to change your password. Once you have successfully verified your identity, you can then select a new password.

Install Carbonite
– Once you have established an account the web site will detect whether or not you have Carbonite installed on your computer. If you do not, it will provide you with a link for installing it.
– To install Carbonite, you must have a Mac with an Intel-based processor running OS X 10.6 and above. Carbonite does support Mountain Lion 10.8. For Windows, Carbonite supports Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.5 and above.
– There are three easy steps for installing Carbonite.
– Once you have completed installation, you can choose to have Carbonite do an automatic backup or you can customize your backup with an advanced option. This allows you to select which files to backup, to set your own backup schedule and to manage your own encryption key.
– If you select the automatic backup, please note videos, executable files, files larger than 4GB and external hard drives are not automatically selected for online backup. You can manually select these files for backup. To select additional files for backup, simply locate the file, right click on the file and select “Carbonite; Back this up.”

Select Plan
– There are a variety of home/business plans available with Carbonite depending upon your needs. The basic home plan for either Mac or Windows will provide online backup for all of your photos, music and documents. The backup is automated and provides anytime, anywhere access. The price for this plan is $59.99 per year.
– The Home Plus plan provides everything the basic plan provides with the addition of online backup for your computer as well as your external hard drive. This is priced at $99.99 per year. Note this particular plan is for Windows only.
– The Home Premier plan adds to the above an automatic video backup as well as courier recovery service. This plan is priced at $149.99 per year.
– The Business plan is available for Mac and Windows and provides automatic backup for unlimited computers, external drives and NAS devices. This plan is $229.99 per year for 250 GB.
– The Business Premiere plan provides backup for all computers in addition to Windows Server backup. This plan is $599.99 per year.

Purchase Plan
– Once you have selected the plan you would like, there are savings offered for subscriptions for two or three years.

Using a Carbonite Offer Code

– In the checkout process, there is a field for entering an offer code. Once you have entered a valid offer code, press “apply” and your savings will be reflected.


– If you have any issues with the installation process there are very helpful articles in the “support” section of the site. There are also video tutorials and how to guides. In addition, Carbonite provides online chat 7 days a week from 8:30 am – 9 pm EST and phone support 7 days a week from 8:30 am – 9 pm EST. You can also email questions to them.
– Carbonite TechForce offers technical services for non-Carbonite issues. They are able to assist with both Windows and Mac technical services.

About Carbonite
Carbonite is an easy-to-use backup solution for individuals and businesses. Once you have successfully installed Carbonite on your computer, the automatic backup runs continuously in the background. Your data is transmitted to one of Carbonite’s data centers using secure socket layer (SSL) security technology once an encrypted copy of your data is created. If your files are every lost, Carbonite has an easy restore process that will return your files to the correct place on your computer. If you don’t have access to your computer, you can access your files online using any computer or smartphone that is connected to the Internet. Carbonite offers a free 15 day trial for one computer with no credit card required! A free 30 day trial is offered for small businesses with no credit card required! You might was to check out ATT Uverse coupon code page too!