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AT&T U-verse Coupon Code and AT&T Promo Codes 2014

ATT Uverse Coupon CodeWhen it comes to AT&T coupons and special offers, the company’s website claims the world is yours because that are so many great deals going on right now. In fact, the company is offering phones for free with free shipping and other specials online. Also, imagine shopping for new and refurbished smartphones at super low prices. AT&T offers all sorts of coupons that can be used for a wide selection of phones, prepaid GoPhones, tablets and unlimited talk.

Check all of the ATT Uverse Coupon Codes, Deals and AT&T Promo Codes for 2014:

See all of the AT&T U-verse Bundles.

Getting AT&T coupons the easy way

The best way to take advantage of all the many AT&T product and service coupons and deals is to simply configure your phone, says a valued customer commenting online about why he visits the AT&T website for great deals. For instance, the customer said he simply went to the website and became an AT&T client.

In turn, he received money saving coupons after he configured his phone purchase by following these easy steps:

- Go to the AT&T website and select “add a device.”
- Then select “add a plan”
- Then select “add services”
- Then select “add accessories”

In general, it has never been easier to take advantage of all the special offers featured on the AT&T website, say valued customers who visit the site again and again for deals that save them lots of money on their smartphones and other digital gadgets.

Redeem AT&T U-verse coupons

While AT&T is bullish on everything that has to do with smartphone, tablet and cell phone products, service and deals, the company also offers special coupons for valued customers who enjoy movies. For instance, the AT&T “U-verse” coupons can be redeemed for fun movie watching. In fact, there are many positive comments online from new AT&T customers who say they feel really good about this wireless server having their backs when it comes to quality cell phone service and special offers such as this great deal with AT&T U-verse coupons.

An instruction on the AT&T website states that it is easy to redeem a U-verse movies coupon by following these directions:

- Go to the AT&T website and select the enter new offers coupon
- Fill in the enter your coupon code and then select continue
- To start watching the film you selected simply choose redeem now

In addition, this special offer from AT&T allows wireless customers to rent the top movie hits and then view the films in any room of your home with U-verse movie that are simply ready to view when you are ready.

Shop at AT&T wireless to save big

Another aspect of ATT Uverse Coupon Codes is linked to the wireless company’s huge presence around the nation. For example, the company website features a user friendly store location map that pinpoints stores near your search address.

In turn, a visit to an AT&T store or authorized retailer means you are in a world of good luck when it comes to various bargains and money saving coupon offers. There is also an icon on the company website that states how you can get your best AT&T wireless coupons with such things as “deal alerts” and a weekly online newsletter that also features coupons and special offers.

With a valid e-mail address, people can receive great coupons and other wireless related deals from AT&T.

Overall, when it comes to the many AT&T coupons and other special offers, it is best to always click on items for terms and conditions while AT&T’s website also features other coupons and deals that are aimed at satisfying wireless customers everywhere.

AT&T is the gold standard for wireless service

In addition to the many great AT&T wireless coupon codes featured on its website and other websites that offer smartphones, tablets and various wireless service, AT&T as a company is viewed as the gold standard for wireless companies in the U.S. In fact, AT&T is a massive wireless telecommunications company that provides daily coverage to millions and millions of customers nationwide.

Moreover, AT&T features many exclusive deals with phone manufacturers such as Nokia, Sharp, Apple and Sony. Thus, it is for good reason that AT&T is viewed as the top cellular company in the world today because of its great customer loyalty and high-tech service. For example, AT&T is credited with having the best voice quality and special deals on all sorts of great cell phone plans.

Also, AT&T is the world leader in both fixed telephone service and mobile smartphone service while the company’s broadband subscription service is second to none when it comes to TV and pay for view movie services.

What it all comes down to, say gleeful AT&T customers, is this wireless company offers the best phone service with great deals and coupons that really save customers lots and lots of money.

Verizon FIOS Promo Code – Top Web Deals Here!

Verizon FIOS promotion code and coupon

For telecommunications consumers looking for a one-stop shop for their telephone, cable and internet needs, Verizon FiOS provides excellent service via the quality connection provided by fiber optic cable. Great coupon deals can get consumers significant discounts on this service, if they know how to properly enter these codes on the Verizon site.

See all of the Verizon Broadband FiOS and Special Offers.

Get the Verizon FiOS Triple Play Promotion starting for $79.99/mo. + $300 Visa Prepaid Card, and FREE activation with a 2 year contract. The Triple Play includes FiOS Internet + FIOS TV + Phone service.

See all of the Verizon FiOS Triple Play Promotions starting for $79.99/mo. + $300 Visa Prepaid Card, and FREE activation with a 2 year contract. The Triple Play includes FiOS Internet + FIOS TV + Phone service.

Get the Verizon FiOS Double Play starting for $79.99/mo. The Double Play includes FIOS Internet + FIOS TV service, and FREE activation.

Get the Verizon High Speed Triple Play for $69.99 per month for 1 year (requires 2 year DirecTV agreement). The Triple Play includes Verizon Internet + DIRECTV + Verizon Phone service.

Get the Verizon Double Play for $34.99/mo. The Double Play includes Verizon High Speed Internet and Verizon Phone service.

Get Verizon High Speed Internet for only $19.99/month with no term agreement. Must have existing Verizon home phone service. Click “Plans” to get to the deal.

Get the Verizon Business Bundle starting for $89.99/mo. The Business Bundle includes High Speed or FiOS Internet + Business Phone, no activation or set-up fees with standard installation, and FREE Wireless Modem/Router ($149.99 value).

We also have ATT Uverse coupon codes to save more!


Times remain tough as the economy continues its slow recovery from the 2008 financial collapse. Every dollar you can save on your monthly bills helps, and Verizon FiOS codes are a quick and convenient way to shave a substantial chunk from your monthly phone, Internet and cable bill.


What Is FiOS?


Verizon began offering the FiOS service in the mid-2000s. FiOS consumers get their service from fiber optic cable run to their homes from passive optical splitters located in their neighborhoods. The high quality connections provided by fiber optic cable allows FiOS to offer consumers better quality and more reliable television, Internet and phone service.


Currently, there are more than 3.8 million FiOS Internet customers and more than 3.2 million television subscribers. The service is available to about 15 million homes nationwide, and Verizon hopes to eventually reach all of its coverage territories with the service.


Using The Codes


Verizon regularly offers online coupon promotion codes you can enter when subscribing to its FiOS service to achieve substantial savings. Keeping an eye out for these offers can help you reduce your overall telecommunications and entertainment bill when you bundle these services together. Here’s how you can use Verizon FiOS codes for more affordable access to Verizon services.


  • Once you have found a coupon code for Verizon’s FiOS service, visit the Verizon website and choose what FiOS offer you would like to take advantage of. One of the great things about the FiOS service is that you are able to mix and match a variety of different levels of service. Also, before you start shopping, be sure to check and see whether the FiOS service is available in your neighborhood. While FiOS is available to many Verizon customers, it does not yet reach all Verizon service areas.


  • When you’ve selected the services you want, click the appropriate link that will let you make your product selections. You’ll then go to a checkout page where you will need to enter information such as your address and other details. You’ll also need to enter a method of payment, such as a credit or debit card, as well.


  • At this point, you’ll see a box where you can enter your Verizon FiOS code to make use of the discount offered by that specific code. Enter the code and then click on the enter option to apply it to your bill.


  • If everything works correctly, you’ll see a discount applied to the bill you pay for your Verizon FiOS service. If the discount is not applied, go back and enter the code again. You may have miskeyed the code. If the code still doesn’t work, check its source again to make sure you have the correct code.


In today’s society, Internet and telephone access are a must. Bundling your necessities with a television plan makes these services more affordable, giving you more discretionary income to spend or save as you see fit. Taking the time to obtain and key in Verizon FiOS codes is a good investment of time and effort once you see the savings they can gain for you and your family.


About Verizon


Verizon is a telecommunications and broadband company located in the United States. Founded in 1983 as Bell Atlantic in the aftermath of the AT&T breakup, the company combined with other telecommunications companies, including GTE in 2000. Verizon is perhaps currently best known for its cellular telephone service, being one of the largest carriers of wireless service in the country, with about 100 million subscribers.


Verizon’s main competitors in the wireless market include:


  • AT&T Mobility
  • T-Mobile
  • Sprint Corporation


Wireless communications aren’t Verizon’s only business, however. The company retains a significant share of the slowly declining, but still profitable landline phone market and the company also offers Internet and television service.


Products and services offered by Verizon include:


  • Fixed-line voice – Verizon offers a variety of landline phone services including standard telephone service as well as Voice Over Internet Protocol. The company also provides long-distance calling to customers, as well as voice messaging services.


  • Fixed-line date – The company provides DSL Internet service in most of its telephone service areas. Typically speeds offered by Verizon range between 768 kbit/s to 15 Mbit/s. Faster speeds are available where the company offers FiOS service.


  • Fixed-line television – Verizon offers television service to its FiOs customers. More than 500 television channels and various on-demand and music channels are available via this service.


  • Wireless voice and data – As mentioned previously, Verizon is one of the nation’s largest providers of wireless telephone and data services. Verizon Wireless customers can use their devices to make calls or browse the Internet.


  • Verizon business services – Verizon offers a variety of advanced communications and information technology services to its business clients, including security and managed services.


  • Directory services – Verizon offers countless businesses traditional and online directory services.


  • Verizon Partners – Verizon partners offers medium-sized access to some of the cloud computing and other services it provides to larger business customers.


Verizon’s well-established reputation and broad range of services make it ideal for your phone, television and Internet needs. The FiOS service, along with regularly offered coupon discounts make it the smart move when it comes to saving money on your monthly budget. You might want to checkout our at&t uverse coupons too.

Red Hot Carbonite Offer Codes May 2014 – Save 10%

Carbonite offer code 2014

In need of a backup solution for your home or business computer(s)? Carbonite is an online backup solution that is automatic, inexpensive and easy to use. Carbonite is a leading cloud-based service that offers a data storage solution for individuals or any small business. Backing up files and data to a cloud-based service has some important advantages over backing up locally. First, it stores your files off site so if there is a calamity, your data will be safe and secure in the Cloud. Also files stored in the Cloud are accessible from any computer that can access the Web enabling you to retrieve and restore your files from virtually anywhere in the world. Carbonite is a great convenience when you really need it. Here are step-by-step instructions for utilizing discount codes on Carbonite’s web site.


Hot Carbonite Offer Codes

1. Click Here for 10% OFF Carbonite.

2. Click Here for a FREE TRIAL of Carbonite!

3. Click Here for Carbonite for Small Business and save up to 10%

4. Click Here to receive a FREE Trial for your Small Business!


Carbonite for Small and Medium Business

Carbonite offers small and medium businesses an easy-to-use, affordable solution to safeguard valuable business data and files by automatically and securely backing them up. Using Carbonite saves time and money, provides extra protection for a business’ files, and, most importantly, allows you to retrieve your files quickly and easily.
The great thing about Carbonite is that start-up is also quick and easy. You can start backing up all of your company’s computers, external hard drives and NAS devices in just minutes. The Carbonite solution will back up your entire business automatically, so you don’t have to think about doing it. You have the ability to keep track of all of your company’s backup status through one, easy-to-use browser-based dashboard.

Steps to Establish a Carbonite Account

The first step is to establish an account on Carbonite’s web site. Enter your email address as well as a password that’s at least 8 characters long.
- Complete the additional profile details including your name, contact information and three security questions for retrieving your login credentials.
- Once you have established your account, ensure you login with your login credentials every time you visit the site.
- If you forget your password, you can request an email containing a link to change your password. Once you have successfully verified your identity, you can then select a new password.

Install Carbonite
- Once you have established an account the web site will detect whether or not you have Carbonite installed on your computer. If you do not, it will provide you with a link for installing it.
- To install Carbonite, you must have a Mac with an Intel-based processor running OS X 10.6 and above. Carbonite does support Mountain Lion 10.8. For Windows, Carbonite supports Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.5 and above.
- There are three easy steps for installing Carbonite.
- Once you have completed installation, you can choose to have Carbonite do an automatic backup or you can customize your backup with an advanced option. This allows you to select which files to backup, to set your own backup schedule and to manage your own encryption key.
- If you select the automatic backup, please note videos, executable files, files larger than 4GB and external hard drives are not automatically selected for online backup. You can manually select these files for backup. To select additional files for backup, simply locate the file, right click on the file and select “Carbonite; Back this up.”

Select Plan
- There are a variety of home/business plans available with Carbonite depending upon your needs. The basic home plan for either Mac or Windows will provide online backup for all of your photos, music and documents. The backup is automated and provides anytime, anywhere access. The price for this plan is $59.99 per year.
- The Home Plus plan provides everything the basic plan provides with the addition of online backup for your computer as well as your external hard drive. This is priced at $99.99 per year. Note this particular plan is for Windows only.
- The Home Premier plan adds to the above an automatic video backup as well as courier recovery service. This plan is priced at $149.99 per year.
- The Business plan is available for Mac and Windows and provides automatic backup for unlimited computers, external drives and NAS devices. This plan is $229.99 per year for 250 GB.
- The Business Premiere plan provides backup for all computers in addition to Windows Server backup. This plan is $599.99 per year.

Purchase Plan
- Once you have selected the plan you would like, there are savings offered for subscriptions for two or three years.

Using a Carbonite Offer Code

- In the checkout process, there is a field for entering an offer code. Once you have entered a valid offer code, press “apply” and your savings will be reflected.


- If you have any issues with the installation process there are very helpful articles in the “support” section of the site. There are also video tutorials and how to guides. In addition, Carbonite provides online chat 7 days a week from 8:30 am – 9 pm EST and phone support 7 days a week from 8:30 am – 9 pm EST. You can also email questions to them.
- Carbonite TechForce offers technical services for non-Carbonite issues. They are able to assist with both Windows and Mac technical services.

About Carbonite
Carbonite is an easy-to-use backup solution for individuals and businesses. Once you have successfully installed Carbonite on your computer, the automatic backup runs continuously in the background. Your data is transmitted to one of Carbonite’s data centers using secure socket layer (SSL) security technology once an encrypted copy of your data is created. If your files are every lost, Carbonite has an easy restore process that will return your files to the correct place on your computer. If you don’t have access to your computer, you can access your files online using any computer or smartphone that is connected to the Internet. Carbonite offers a free 15 day trial for one computer with no credit card required! A free 30 day trial is offered for small businesses with no credit card required! You might was to check out ATT Uverse coupon code page too!

Sprint Promo Code

New Sprint Promo CodesSprint is known for offering many great devices and service deals, but they also have some powerful promos and coupon codes that you can use to save tens to hundreds of dollars. Using a coupon code is easy, but it can be difficult to find the right box to enter the code. You should also know that many codes have restrictions, such as being a new customer or buying a device with a contract.

Using the Coupon Code
Go to the Sprint Wireless website and enter the shopping section where all of the devices and accessories are located. Select the item that you want to buy. If the coupon code allows you to save money when buying a device, then it’s best to choose one that isn’t free.

Click the “Add to Cart” button to go to the next section. If you have a Sprint account, then click either “See Upgrade Pricing” or “Add to My Account.” If you are a new user, then click either “Yes” or “No” to confirm if you want to shop for other items.

If you are a new user, then select your new Sprint plan. Those who currently subscribe to Sprint’s service won’t go through this section. You will then go through several menus with package additions and relevant accessories. Keep clicking the “Continue” button until you’re at the “Your Cart” page.

Scroll down until you see a box labeled “Promo or Coupon Code.” It should be towards the left side of your screen. Enter the code and click the “Apply” button to activate it.

The savings will appear if you properly entered the code. If nothing happened, then be sure to check the code again. Capitalization counts, so be sure to enter the code as it appears. You should also check the restrictions to see if the code is applicable.

Unlimited Plans
Sprint is very popular for its unlimited plans, which makes sense since smartphone users want to use as much data as possible. If you are looking for a powerful plan that doesn’t throttle your data, then Sprint is the ideal service provider. The plans are also relatively inexpensive considering what you get.

Newest Devices
Sprint is also known for getting many of the newest devices. If you want the newest Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone, then you’ll be sure to find it through Sprint. They also offer some of the most flexible upgrade plans so that you can quickly get the hottest new phone without waiting the full two years.

Buyback Program
Do you currently have a mobile phone that you want to get rid of? Sprint offers a buyback program where you can get up to $300 just for sending them your old device. Most devices are worth about $50 to $150, but that’s still good considering that you are just trading in your old device for some extra cash.

Using a Sprint coupon code is very easy, but you might miss the box if you aren’t careful. Just be sure to go through the entire process until you’re at the “Your Cart” page and then enter the code before going any further to save some money.

Boost Mobile Promo Code updated March 2014

New Boost Mobile promo codesMany Boost Mobile users have found that through entering coupon codes they are able to save quite a good bit of money. Though there are different means of saving, the end result is the same. Through one portion of the service through Boost Mobile, these coupon codes vary significantly. However, no matter what the intended use for a coupon that you might have, putting them into the system to get your discounted price or relative perk should be universal. With that being said, perhaps the first thing that you should consider about this process will be how you are to use the coupons that you found specifically.

First, you are going to need to have a Boost Mobile account. If you are not a subscriber to their cellular service, there is a link directly from their opening page on the website to get yourself signed up. This is a matter of filling out a little bit of information and getting authorized for a line of service through the company. All in all, this should only take a few minutes, but you cannot get service without it, so it is an essential component to using a new user coupon or any of the other coupons that you might have come across.

Once you are an authorized user on the Boost Mobile cellular network, you can peruse for coupons that can help you save a little bit here and there. These tend to vary from month to month, sometimes offering specific features for your plan at discounted rates or a lowered rate for a popular cellphone that you can buy to replace your current cell phone on the plan. The nature of the coupon will determine how you are meant to use it. Either way, if you are adding features to your plan or you are upgrading your phone, you will end up in the same cart that will give you an option to fill in a promotional code or coupon code. Once you have done this, you can proceed to the next page offering a revised price or a specific featured plan component that you are getting for a reduced price or for free.

Physical coupons that you can print and use, or that are to be found in circulars, can be used typically wherever Boost Mobile phones and service cards are sold. So this does not mean that you have to find an actual Boost store, or Sprint store (since they are technically the owners of Boost). You can simply get what you need to get, use your coupon at the register by handing it to the employee working the counter and allow them to input the savings on your behalf.

Perhaps it might benefit you to learn a little more about Boost Mobile. This will give you a bit of insight into not only the coupons that you are planning to use, but also the history behind the company that is helping you save a little bit of money on the products being offered. Boost actually got its start in Australia and New Zealand back in the year 2000. From then the company was able to branch out and reach a more global market by offering this same service with the same brand name in the United States. The founder for both ventures was the creator of the company, Peter Adderton. Due to its enormous popularity and sales in the Western part of the world, Adderton knew after only a year that reaching the United States with Boost Mobile was the ideal venture to garner the most success.

The success of this company here has narrowed some over the past 12 years, but it stands as a company that has quite a loyal following to this day. Their unique approach to billing and their innovative phone designs would also attribute to their popularity throughout the years. Boost soon took on a persona of being the phone for the working man, offering instant connection points via a walkie talkie function to other Boost Mobile users. It also did not take long for Boost to be bought out by a larger and more commercially recognized name. In this first instance, the company was purchased by Nextel. However, this partnership was also short lived, as Nextel was in the process of being purchased by one of the mobile giants in the United States, Sprint.

To this day, Boost Mobile remains a subsidiary company to Sprint. This has allowed the smaller mobile branch to offer more service options and hardware to eager users on the network. This includes global options on some devices, and an almost universal connection to 3G and 4G LTE networks. With service in one of these two types of networks, it became reasonable for Boost Mobile users to use their phones anywhere they went. One of the former arguments of Boost Mobile when it first debuted was that it was really only comparable to more recognized brands when they were within the limits of a larger city. This offered better service for the devices, and therefore made them work as they should. It took being purchased by a larger company to be able to blanket the entire country with a faster and more reliable backing network.

So if you wanted to know about Boost Mobile, hopefully these last few paragraphs were able to explain where it came from and how it reached the successful point that it is at today. More importantly, if you have coupons or coupon codes for the service or some sort of hardware that comes with it, you hopefully know how to utilize this process as well now.

Virgin Mobile Promo Code March 2014

Virgin Mobile Promo Code

  The Virgin mobile being one of the largest companies in the world and with a number of outlets in different countries, it offers its customers a wide variety of services geared towards making them communicate better. But just like all the companies and their products, there are ways by which one can get to take advantage of various special services on offer to enable them have a good shopping experience. As such, promotional coupons are hence the answer. With the right promotional codes and coupons, one can get to save a good amount of money when purchasing or signing up for services offered by Virgin mobile.[/expand]

New Virgin Mobile Promo Codes

Limited Time Only!! – Save BIG with Cyber Monday Deals

Limited Time ONLY!! – Save 30% off the Supreme – now only $209.99!

Special - Save $90 Off the Samsung Galaxy III 4G LTE! at Virgin Mobile! Now only $309.99

Special - Price Down $200 – iPhone 4 White Only $199.99 at Virgin Mobile!

1. Online Specials and Deals - Check out all of the Online Specials and Deals including FREE SHIPPING, 30-Day Guarantee, Ability to Keep Your Phone Number, No Contract Plans, FREE Activation, Lost phone replacement, and much more!

2. Check out all of the killer phones, great plans + FREE Shipping at Virgin Mobile!

3. Virgin Mobile is proud to now offer the iPhone 5!

4. Check out the  iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

5. Check out all the latest phones from Virgin Mobile

6. Check out the BroadBand2Go Devices at great Web Exclusive prices for 40% off! Use these hotspots to connect up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices to the 3G or 4G wireless internet.

7. See the Broadband2Go Plans at Virgin Mobile. You’ll get 3G/4G wireless whenever with plans starting at $35/month.

8. Check out all of the Beyond Talk unlimited data, messaging plans including web access starting at $35/mo. Include unlimited talking at only $55/mo.

9. Activate FREE SHIPPING!

10. Get Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Messages & 50MB Web Access for $40/month with payLo!

11. See all of the payLo plans, the lowest priced plans at Virgin Mobile.

There are many places from where one can get these promotional codes and coupons. For instance, there are a number of websites and blogs that focus on sharing the latest coupons with their readers and subscribers. However, since Virgin mobile is an international company with different outlets, it’s important for one to pay attention to the coupons on offer. This is because some of the coupons are simply meant to be used in a given country and not the other. There also are certain terms and conditions that surround these coupons. To be a smart shopper, it’s advisable to only use the coupons or promotional codes that have been advertised on the Virgin mobile website. This is because these coupons are 100% legit and up-to-date. As such, one can get to find the latest coupons on the site and upon expiry, they are removed. This though is never the case with coupons available on other third party websites. Some of the coupons offered to the Virgin mobile customers include the broadband, Paylo as well as the beyond talk deals. To remain updated, it’s advisable that one signs up for the Virgin mobile newsletter in order to get the latest deals on their emails and in time. How to use the Virgin mobile coupons Once you have had your coupon(s) containing a unique code, you’ll have to use it before it expires. The process of using a promo code or coupon includes the following: • The first step basically involves logging on to the Virgin mobile website and browsing for the product or service that you are interested in purchasing. In case you are well aware of exactly what you want, then you can go ahead and click on it. If not, you can take your time and view other products and services while you compare their different features and prices. • Once you have selected your preferred item or product, the page will be refreshed and you will be asked to confirm your purchase. On this page, you are supposed to make clear the product(s) you intend to purchase, for instance in terms of quantity. Once you are done shopping, then you should click on the Checkout button or you can choose to checkout with PayPal. • The page will load once again and in case you hadn’t signed in, you will be requested to. If one is a new buyer, then they will be asked to first enter their zip code before being requested to open an account with Virgin mobile. It takes just a few minutes to open an account. • When all has been set and ready, you will be taken back to the Checkout section. Since you will have already logged in and the system will have all of your important personal details, you will only be requested to make a payment. It’s also at this point that you’ll be expected to fill in your coupon code if you have any. • One has to make sure that the coupon they are using is applicable for the product or service being purchased. It also shouldn’t have expired. Since there are some people who may have more than one coupon for use, you need to first read the instructions in order to certify whether more than one coupon can be used when purchasing a single product, or when making a one-time purchase. • Coupons vary as some provide a discount in terms of a percentage or in terms of cash. But, once you have entered the coupon code, the system will automatically count the discount before deducting the remaining balance from your PayPal account or from your debit or credit card. • After this, you are done. The only thing remaining will be to wait for a confirmation from Virgin mobile and if the transaction is confirmed, then you will be able to receive the product or service purchased in just a short while. Overview of Virgin Mobile  The Virgin mobile company is a worldwide wireless communication company whose services and products are available in the United States, United Kingdom, India, South Africa, France, Poland, Colombia, Canada, Chile and Australia. Each of these brands is run independently from the other with the only similarity in all of them being that the individual companies have a signed partnership agreement with the global Virgin Group. Virgin mobile has been in existence since 2002. The basic services and products offered via the Virgin mobile include value-packed wireless plans, 3G web and data, wireless plans, emailing and messaging as well as mobile broadband. There also are a number of Android and other smartphones manufactured by various companies such as LG, BlackBerry and Samsung. In addition to the above services, Virgin mobile owns the Virgin mobile feed which is a 24/7 streaming music channel and through this, Virgin mobile subscribers get to enjoy this service. Above all, all of these services are provided without the need to sign a contract.

Straight Talk Promo Code Updated on March 2014

Hot Straight Talk Promo CodesStraight Talk Promo Codes March 2014

  • Click Here for FREE Ground Shipping on any phone order from Straight Talk
  • Click here for iPhone 5 is from Straight Talk (one of the best deals around).
  • Click Here to give your phone a plan it will love: Start Saving with Straight Talk
  • Click Here for iPhone 4S from Straight Talk
  • Click Here for the Same Phones, Same Networks, Half the Cost. Start Saving with Straight Talk.
  • Click Here to get our plan, Keep Your Phone when you buy a SIM Card!

Give your phone a plan it will love: Start Saving with Straight Talk

How to Enter Coupon or Promo Codes for the Straight Talk Wireless Service.
Have you received a coupon or promo code that saves you money on the Straight Talk Wireless services or products? With a promo code you can save additional money on any phone you choose along with a service plan.
If you are not sure how to enter or use coupon or promo codes for the Straight Talk Wireless Service, here are some helpful tips to get started immediately:Follow the step-by-step instructions below to enter your coupon or promo code for Straight Talk Wireless Service.

  • Once you see the offer you would like to redeem, click the link to get started. The first page you will see may ask you to enter the zip code of the area you will be using the Straight Talk phone most.
  • On the next page you might be asked to confirm the zip code you entered. If this is correct, then click yes.
  • For the next page you will get to see the phones available and also the details of each phone to compare their features. Click on the phone offer that interests you.
  • After this you should see the service plans you can add to your order. Click your choice to add to cart.
  • The last step is theorder details, where you will enter the coupon or promo code. You should see a box that asks if you have a promo code enter it in the box.
  • Once you have entered it click the submit button and the order will update with discount applied.

Need More Information about the Straight Talk Wireless Products and Services?

Straight talk is a pre-paid cell phone company that has quickly grown to be recognized as one of the leading companies among the wireless industry. They offer service plans for the savvy budget minded individual and carry a line of the most popular phones.

They have a variety of service plans that attract users of all types with unlimited talk, text and web plus quality cell phones. No contracts and no hassles is what many people are looking for today and now with Straight Talk it’s possible.

What Service Plans Do They Offer?

  • $30 – This is the all you need plan with 1000 minutes for calling and 1000 messages plus 30mb for data.
  • $45 – This plan offers you unlimited minutes, unlimited messages & unlimited data.
  • $60 – This plan is for unlimited international calling with unlimited nationwide Minutes, unlimited messages & unlimited data and unlimited international calling to more than 1,000 destinations with 400 minutes to call cellular phones in Mexico.

The plans above run for 30 days of service. There are also three additional plans that provide unlimited talk, text and data for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year of service.

Straight Talk offers a variety of top brand phones with a good variety to choose from. Why settle for inferior phones, Straight talk can provide a high quality phone along with a budget friendly usage plan and superior service.

Cell Phones Available for Purchase at Straight Talk and the Features:

The Samsung Galaxy SIII

  • 4.8-inch HD Screen
  • Android 4.1
  • 4G LTE
  • 1.5 GHz dual core processor
  • 8 MP Camera/1.9 MP Front facing camera/Video recorder
  • One touch sharing
  • Motion gestures
  • Supports microSD card up to 64GB
  • Picture-in-picture multi-tasking
  • Battery Time up to 8 hours
  • Standby time up to 15 days
  • Available in pebble blue or marble white color

IPhone 4 with 8GB

  • 3.5-inch multi-touch retina display
  • FaceTime video calling
  • 5-megapixel camera
  • HD video recording
  • iOs mobile operating system
  • iCloud gets your content on all your devices
  • Over 700,000 apps on the App Store2
  • Talk time up to 7 hours on 3G and 14 on 2G
  • Available in black or white color

Blackberry Curve

  • Blackberry 7.1 OS
  • 800 MHz processor
  • 3G wi-fi connectivity
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • Video recorder camera
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • GPS capabilities
  • Multi-calling
  • Talk time up to 8 hours and standby up to 18 days


  • Android 4.0
  • 4.3-inch touch screen
  • 5 megapixel camera and video recorder
  • Front facing camera
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 4GB microSD card inluded
  • GPS capabilites
  • Mobile web
  • Talk time up to 6 hours and standby up to 7 days
  • Choose from over 695,000 apps on the Google play store

Motorola EX431G

  • 2.2-inch TFT display
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • 2 megapixel camera with 4x zoom and video recorder
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • MP3 player
  • Talk time up to 4 hour and standby up to 8 days

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Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone Service

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Products Offered

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